Relationship is at the core of who God is (The Trinity) and how He intends for us to function and grow. We believe that it is in the context of relationships that we can take our next step closer to Christ.

The staff at BHM is committed to spending time getting to know those whom God has brought for us to minister to, so that we can begin to see together what the next step looks like for each person or family.

While we recognize that relationships take time, we also know that the Holy Spirit can use special moments in special settings to bring us to deep levels of intimacy in a relatively quick timeframe. We have seen God do this many times as we have shared our hearts with “new” friends and they with us. It seems that the Lord is able to “peel back the layers” of our lives in this unique setting and allow us to share our hearts.

For some this may take place in one-on-one moments and for others in small group outings. The “next step” is different for each of us, for some it is that initial step of faith into relationship with Christ, for others it is an invitation into a deeper, more meaningful experience with Him, and for still others it may be a step towards healing or refreshment. Whatever the step looks like, we believe God has called BHM and it’s staff to be His “stepping stones” as we move closer to Him.